basement of a toronto home after a Toronto expert plumber installed sump pump

Why Hire a Toronto Plumber? Think Basement Flooding

If there is one thing plumbers in the Toronto area are used to it would have to be dealing with flooded basements. Toronto is one area notorious for these problems, being so close to Lake Ontario it has a very high water table making it difficult to correctly waterproof the basements of buildings. There has been many occasions when a storm has swept in and caused massive amounts of flooding – especially so during the summer months when rainfall can be quite excessive. Let’s look into some ways that Toronto residents can keep their basements dry.

Weeping Tile System Saves Your Home

One very important part of any home is the weeping tile system, this is a series of special pipes which are buried under ground adjacent to a properties foundation. The pipes typically have holes in them or a mesh-like structure allowing for water to seep inside of them. When it rains and the water table rises these pipes allow that catches rain water next to the foundation of a property and diverts it away and to a more desirable area. It is typically connected to a sump pit which leads us to the next item you’ll want to discuss with your local Toronto plumbing contractor.

Toronto Plumbing Pros Know Sump Pumps

basement of a toronto home after a Toronto expert plumber installed sump pump
Sump pump installed in Toronto home

One reason hiring a Toronto plumber is the best way to solve your basement flooding issue is they will know how to install a sump pump. A sump pump, residing with a sump pit at the very bottom of your property, is your own personal backup system that activates when water begins to threaten flooding your basement. The setup is simple enough, a plastic container is placed in the bottom of your basement and a special pump is installed within it. The weeping tile system connects to the sump pit and when the water reaches a certain level the sump pump is automatically activated.

Having a properly setup sump pump is vital to keeping your basement dry during the well-known Toronto wet season. Basement flooding is a problem which causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage every year, not to mentioned the loss of sentimental possessions which many people would consider priceless.  Hiring plumbers in Toronto who understands the ins-and-outs of correctly planning and installing a sump pump, weeping tile system, and backwater valve is a very important part of protecting your home.

man preparing door frame before painting

Wallpaper Vs. Paint Which Is  Best For Your Walls?

When it comes time to redecorate your home, many times people will simply flock to the idea that painting is the best thing to do make their walls looks fresh and clean and new once again. There is another group of people, perhaps those from your local wallpaper retailer, a little less vocal (or just with a little less marketing dollars behind them) that will tell you to strongly consider wallpaper. Today we’re going to look at just a few reasons why selecting wallpaper might be a good alternative for you when redecorating your home.

preparing a wall before installation of wallpaper


Our good old friend paint, it’s been around since the caveman times and looks like it is going to stick around for years to come. I can’t see this trend changing, but lets talk about some of the reasons paint is good and paint is bad.

Benefits Of Painting Your Home

One of the clear benefits of painting your home is that you can select a huge number of colours and in a wide variety of sheens, want a matte sky blue? No problem. How about a high-sheen white for kitchen walls? That’s do-able as well. The other huge benefit of painting is that just about anyone can do it, there are no specific skills required other than the ability to move your arms and hands with some level of coordination. Paint is also very affordable when compared directly to the cost of wallpaper. So paint has that going for it. The downside of paint however is durability and it’s one area were wallpaper excels.


Wallpaper has been around for a long time, not quite as long as paint but still long enough since the Victorian era and beyond. It has adorned the walls of many elite and prestigious individuals in a wide range of fabrics showcasing a diverse set of patterns. Wallpaper is truly a thing to be admired, lets look at the benefits.

Why Choose Wallpaper For Your Home?

The most obvious reason to select wallpaper for your home is that it is beautiful. There are such a wide range of fantastic looking wallpapers to choose from to make your home look great, it is an instant accent wall maker. Another great reason to select wallpaper is that it is about as durable as you can imagine, are you sick of having broken looking paint chipping off your wall or need to have a surface that’s highly washable? You can do better than wallpaper. The only downside of wallpaper is that applying it yourself can be a serious chore and if you make a mistake it could cost you quite a lot of money to make it right.

Wallpaper versus paint is a common topic but after reading this post I’m sure you’re a little more in the know and can make an educated decision whether it’s right for your project or not. When shopping for wallpaper always talk to your local wallpaper store and explain your exact needs and requirements, be sure to mention if you have kids and/or if the wallpaper will be in an area where moisture will be present. Once you’ve made your final choice the store will likely be able to recommend a wallpaper installation professional to make your finished project look great.