3 Reasons You Need to Power Wash Your Home

man cleaning a propery using a power washerEveryone wants to live in a home with perfectly shiny exterior and an extremely clean interior but, unfortunately, our homes cannot stay in that condition for very long. The walls and outer facade of our homes often become covered with contaminants like soot, molds, mildews and dirt which spoil the look of our property. Even a million-dollar home appears to be an abandoned building if not properly taken care of! Many people attempt to DIY this part of their home, but we highly recommend hiring a power washing service for your home as it will make sure the job is done properly without causing damage.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of a home, power washing increases its value, saves its owner a lot of money, and helps ensure the health safety of its inhabitants. Below, we have described in detail why power washing is important for your home!

1. Power washing can preserve (if not increase) the value of your property

The exterior of your house is permanently exposed to a number of natural and man-made environmental factors including but not limited to rain, wind, sunlight, smoke, soot, dust, molds and mildews. All these factors attack the outermost layers of the paint on the walls leading to cracks which ultimately peels the paint off. In addition to this, these things can also lead to permanent stains on the walls which are unsightly and lead to decreased curb appeal and hence lesser value of the property if put for sale.

power washer blasting some concrete cleanYou won’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a stained and mold-covered building no matter how good the interior might be because after all, it is the exterior that makes all the impression. That’s why a good-looking building is much easier to sell as compared to a rusty and stained one. So, if you are intending to put your estate on rent or you want to sale it out, a little expenditure on getting it power washed can mean a lot of return in revenues.

It is definitely a good idea to get your home power washed before you hire an estate agent to rent or sell it. According to a 2015 research, power washing can enhance the property price by up to 10 percent.

2. Power washing your home will save you time and money

Cleaning the exterior of your house by power washing does not only increase the value of the building but it also greatly cuts down the costs incurred in repair and renovation of the home. If the building is regularly pressure washed, it can prolong the life of certain structural elements (e.g. wood) and ornamental members like paint systems.

Another benefit of power washing your home is that it can decrease the time required for renovation works. If you are planning on renewing the paint of your building, other methods of removing the old paint might include things like scrubbing and use of chemicals which are costly and time taking but power washing does not require any special chemicals and is extremely fast. It can help you easily clean the exterior, rip the contaminants off the walls and apply the new paint.

3. Power washing your home’s exterior protects your family

When the exterior of a building is not cleaned regularly and is constantly exposed to moisture, dirt and other contaminants of the environment, it can result in molds and mildews growing on the surface. These don’t only destroy the appearance and value of the property but are also a major health hazard. Most of these molds are allergic and some even release poisonous spores. These things can severely affect the health of the occupants of the building and can even be life-threatening. To avoid all these complications, it is a good idea to have your property regularly power washed especially if you live in an area where the moisture content of the air is high or the exterior of your home is made of wood.

The final word

pressure washer cleaning the groundPower washing your home can help reduce repair and renovation costs of the building, prolong its life and increase its resale and rent value. It is also important for the health of the people inhabiting the home because it removes allergens and other potentially dangerous agents from the walls.

But please remember, power washing is NOT a DIY task as you might think, looking into the apparent simplicity of the task. It needs to be done by a team of professionally trained and experienced people using proper materials and equipment. Improper practices in power washing can not only cause permanent damage to your property but can also result in serious personal injury even death. Many people have been seriously injured while trying to do this work by themselves. So, if you need to get your home power washed, make sure to hire professionals. It is definitely the best way of getting this work done!

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