basement of a toronto home after a Toronto expert plumber installed sump pump

Why Hire a Toronto Plumber? Think Basement Flooding

If there is one thing plumbers in the Toronto area are used to it would have to be dealing with flooded basements. Toronto is one area notorious for these problems, being so close to Lake Ontario it has a very high water table making it difficult to correctly waterproof the basements of buildings. There has been many occasions when a storm has swept in and caused massive amounts of flooding – especially so during the summer months when rainfall can be quite excessive. Let’s look into some ways that Toronto residents can keep their basements dry.

Weeping Tile System Saves Your Home

One very important part of any home is the weeping tile system, this is a series of special pipes which are buried under ground adjacent to a properties foundation. The pipes typically have holes in them or a mesh-like structure allowing for water to seep inside of them. When it rains and the water table rises these pipes allow that catches rain water next to the foundation of a property and diverts it away and to a more desirable area. It is typically connected to a sump pit which leads us to the next item you’ll want to discuss with your local Toronto plumbing contractor.

Toronto Plumbing Pros Know Sump Pumps

basement of a toronto home after a Toronto expert plumber installed sump pump
Sump pump installed in Toronto home

One reason hiring a Toronto plumber is the best way to solve your basement flooding issue is they will know how to install a sump pump. A sump pump, residing with a sump pit at the very bottom of your property, is your own personal backup system that activates when water begins to threaten flooding your basement. The setup is simple enough, a plastic container is placed in the bottom of your basement and a special pump is installed within it. The weeping tile system connects to the sump pit and when the water reaches a certain level the sump pump is automatically activated.

Having a properly setup sump pump is vital to keeping your basement dry during the well-known Toronto wet season. Basement flooding is a problem which causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage every year, not to mentioned the loss of sentimental possessions which many people would consider priceless.  Hiring plumbers in Toronto who understands the ins-and-outs of correctly planning and installing a sump pump, weeping tile system, and backwater valve is a very important part of protecting your home.

3 Reasons You Need to Power Wash Your Home

man cleaning a propery using a power washerEveryone wants to live in a home with perfectly shiny exterior and an extremely clean interior but, unfortunately, our homes cannot stay in that condition for very long. The walls and outer facade of our homes often become covered with contaminants like soot, molds, mildews and dirt which spoil the look of our property. Even a million-dollar home appears to be an abandoned building if not properly taken care of! Many people attempt to DIY this part of their home, but we highly recommend hiring a power washing service for your home as it will make sure the job is done properly without causing damage.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of a home, power washing increases its value, saves its owner a lot of money, and helps ensure the health safety of its inhabitants. Below, we have described in detail why power washing is important for your home!

1. Power washing can preserve (if not increase) the value of your property

The exterior of your house is permanently exposed to a number of natural and man-made environmental factors including but not limited to rain, wind, sunlight, smoke, soot, dust, molds and mildews. All these factors attack the outermost layers of the paint on the walls leading to cracks which ultimately peels the paint off. In addition to this, these things can also lead to permanent stains on the walls which are unsightly and lead to decreased curb appeal and hence lesser value of the property if put for sale.

power washer blasting some concrete cleanYou won’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a stained and mold-covered building no matter how good the interior might be because after all, it is the exterior that makes all the impression. That’s why a good-looking building is much easier to sell as compared to a rusty and stained one. So, if you are intending to put your estate on rent or you want to sale it out, a little expenditure on getting it power washed can mean a lot of return in revenues.

It is definitely a good idea to get your home power washed before you hire an estate agent to rent or sell it. According to a 2015 research, power washing can enhance the property price by up to 10 percent.

2. Power washing your home will save you time and money

Cleaning the exterior of your house by power washing does not only increase the value of the building but it also greatly cuts down the costs incurred in repair and renovation of the home. If the building is regularly pressure washed, it can prolong the life of certain structural elements (e.g. wood) and ornamental members like paint systems.

Another benefit of power washing your home is that it can decrease the time required for renovation works. If you are planning on renewing the paint of your building, other methods of removing the old paint might include things like scrubbing and use of chemicals which are costly and time taking but power washing does not require any special chemicals and is extremely fast. It can help you easily clean the exterior, rip the contaminants off the walls and apply the new paint.

3. Power washing your home’s exterior protects your family

When the exterior of a building is not cleaned regularly and is constantly exposed to moisture, dirt and other contaminants of the environment, it can result in molds and mildews growing on the surface. These don’t only destroy the appearance and value of the property but are also a major health hazard. Most of these molds are allergic and some even release poisonous spores. These things can severely affect the health of the occupants of the building and can even be life-threatening. To avoid all these complications, it is a good idea to have your property regularly power washed especially if you live in an area where the moisture content of the air is high or the exterior of your home is made of wood.

The final word

pressure washer cleaning the groundPower washing your home can help reduce repair and renovation costs of the building, prolong its life and increase its resale and rent value. It is also important for the health of the people inhabiting the home because it removes allergens and other potentially dangerous agents from the walls.

But please remember, power washing is NOT a DIY task as you might think, looking into the apparent simplicity of the task. It needs to be done by a team of professionally trained and experienced people using proper materials and equipment. Improper practices in power washing can not only cause permanent damage to your property but can also result in serious personal injury even death. Many people have been seriously injured while trying to do this work by themselves. So, if you need to get your home power washed, make sure to hire professionals. It is definitely the best way of getting this work done!

man cleaning windows of office building in mississauga, ontario

How To Hire A Mississauga Window Cleaning Company

There are many ways one can go about finding a reputable window cleaning company to clean the windows of your Mississauga home. This is quite a concern for home owners and business owners alike, as all building that have windows should make sure those windows are cleaned often and looking their best. Not only does this allow sunlight to come into the building, reducing the cost of electricity since many times people can just make use of the sunlight to brighten up their building, but it also makes your home or business look it’s best. Sparkling clean windows allows for people to see in and out of your building and ensuring that your building looks it’s best, in the Mississauga region at least, is not a difficult task. We spoke with a window cleaner, NICK’S Window Cleaning who services Mississauga to find out how they recommend home owners find a high-quality contractor.

woman inside her mississauga home enjoying view through freshly cleaned windows

Great Window Cleaners Have Great Reviews

One thing a person should do whenever they are looking for a contractor, of any sort, is to check out their online reviews. Now, it’s not as simple as finding the company with the highest amount of stars and highest amount of reviews. It’s important to take a good look at the reviews that have been left to really get an understanding of the business and to see if those reviews are actually legitimate reviews. For instance, if you see a lot of foreign names leaving reviews and the English writing quality is rather poor, it can be an indication that the window cleaning company has paid for those reviews – while it does not make a statement about the quality of the service that contractor provides, it does make it difficult to ascertain the true value of their service.

Make sure the reviews that have been left actually make sense but also make sure that they are describing the service you are looking for. If the contractor has tons of commercial reviews, and little to no residential reviews it can be an indication that they do not really provide residential window washing, and therefore you might be better off finding a contractor that specializes in the area that you need service.

Mississauga Is A Big Town

The other piece of advice we received is to remember that there is always another window washing company out there, if your first Mississauga window cleaning contractor does not perform the job up to par do not be afraid to thank them for their service and find someone else. Make sure you check with them to get proof of their insurance and all credentials they claim to possess. Some contractors can even go so far as to provide fake information so it is a good idea to do your due diligence and contact the insurance company and double-check that they are truly insured and covered for the type of cleaning work they will be doing on your home.

For those that are considering DIY, here’s a short video showcasing exactly why you should hire a pro.

Hire Someone Who Offers More Than Just Cleaning

A few window cleaners will do only that one service, clean your windows, but the truth is that a good company will also offer the service to do minor repairs while they are cleaning your windows. For instance, cracked caulking or failing seals are areas that a contractor can fix without too much hassle while they’re already cleaning your windows and while the cost will of course be a bit greater for this service, it will extend the life of your windows tremendously and even prevent the possibility of water damage within your home.

When looking for a high-quality window cleaning company in Mississauga it’s important that you do your best to find a contractor that is experienced, insured, and has great reviews.

man preparing door frame before painting

Wallpaper Vs. Paint Which Is  Best For Your Walls?

When it comes time to redecorate your home, many times people will simply flock to the idea that painting is the best thing to do make their walls looks fresh and clean and new once again. There is another group of people, perhaps those from your local wallpaper retailer, a little less vocal (or just with a little less marketing dollars behind them) that will tell you to strongly consider wallpaper. Today we’re going to look at just a few reasons why selecting wallpaper might be a good alternative for you when redecorating your home.

preparing a wall before installation of wallpaper


Our good old friend paint, it’s been around since the caveman times and looks like it is going to stick around for years to come. I can’t see this trend changing, but lets talk about some of the reasons paint is good and paint is bad.

Benefits Of Painting Your Home

One of the clear benefits of painting your home is that you can select a huge number of colours and in a wide variety of sheens, want a matte sky blue? No problem. How about a high-sheen white for kitchen walls? That’s do-able as well. The other huge benefit of painting is that just about anyone can do it, there are no specific skills required other than the ability to move your arms and hands with some level of coordination. Paint is also very affordable when compared directly to the cost of wallpaper. So paint has that going for it. The downside of paint however is durability and it’s one area were wallpaper excels.


Wallpaper has been around for a long time, not quite as long as paint but still long enough since the Victorian era and beyond. It has adorned the walls of many elite and prestigious individuals in a wide range of fabrics showcasing a diverse set of patterns. Wallpaper is truly a thing to be admired, lets look at the benefits.

Why Choose Wallpaper For Your Home?

The most obvious reason to select wallpaper for your home is that it is beautiful. There are such a wide range of fantastic looking wallpapers to choose from to make your home look great, it is an instant accent wall maker. Another great reason to select wallpaper is that it is about as durable as you can imagine, are you sick of having broken looking paint chipping off your wall or need to have a surface that’s highly washable? You can do better than wallpaper. The only downside of wallpaper is that applying it yourself can be a serious chore and if you make a mistake it could cost you quite a lot of money to make it right.

Wallpaper versus paint is a common topic but after reading this post I’m sure you’re a little more in the know and can make an educated decision whether it’s right for your project or not. When shopping for wallpaper always talk to your local wallpaper store and explain your exact needs and requirements, be sure to mention if you have kids and/or if the wallpaper will be in an area where moisture will be present. Once you’ve made your final choice the store will likely be able to recommend a wallpaper installation professional to make your finished project look great.